John Mambo




John Mambo is an arcade game with a pixel art aesthetic and a 2d isometric view.
John is an allied army soldier who is only asked to act when he is the last possible option. Crude and brave he never refuses to enter combat, even when he is nos invited. A one man-army who fights alone… Mostly because nobody wants to fight alongside him.
The game contains many levels that take place in various environments like jungles, deserts and enemy cities.
John fights hundreds of enemies throughout the game and clashes with Bosses that can really put the player’s skills to the test
Our protagonist can pick up many deadly weapons throughout the game, some of them only usable at a specific moment.
We have made a game that it is very replayable – the idea is that the player can select the route by which to advance. Depending on the route the experience is different!

The game is filled with humour and John is an atypical hero who “finishes” his missions in a strange way, something that is permanently in each place of the game.

core mechanics

Fight hundreds of enemies using various weapons.
Use brutal melee attacks.
Solve puzzles and avoid deadly traps to continue the missions.
Pick up power ups that can substantially improve the power and abilities of the hero.

And much more!!



Infigame (Mambo, una visita a los arcades de los 80)

RetroManiacs (Ensalada de tiros a la española con «Mambo»)

Equilateral (Probamos Mambo: Spoiler: no es lo que parece)

ATV (CADE Playstation – Programa Emplea2)

Videojuegos y Consolas ( Reseña de la demo de John Mambo )



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