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Viking Kingdoms Poster

During the time of the Viking invasions there were a number of European kingdoms that had to face their raids.

You’re one of those Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian heroes who managed to confront them.

Are you ready to prove that you’re the King that the vassals of your kingdom need or are you just an aspirant?

Take your weapons, put on the armor and fight for the …… VICTORY!

GENRE: Tower Defense


In Virtus you control a soldier belonging to the Shadow Guard specializing in stealth, distraction and hand-to-hand combat.

Your master Sensei, after a series of tests, lets you know that you’re ready to go in search of the sacred statues of Oniros, containers of the power of the Gods.

You’ll have to fight against those adventurers who like you want that power and you must obtain them before they fall into macabre and dangerous hands.

Will you be able to get them all before Chaos again turns Oniros into the playground of evil beings?

GENRE: Action/Adventure


Crazy Racers Poster

Newland City is cover page to all the newspapers thanks to the fame it has gained by illegal races that take place in different parts of its periphery.

You’re one of the runners who has decided to participate in them; You need the money and prove that you’re the fastest behind the wheel.

But this is not going to be as easy as you think. Each track has an owner and they’re going to sell it expensive that you take away the position to them.

Improve your car, compete in the different championships and show them who is the best four-wheelers.

GENRE: Driving


Mambo Poster

Mambo is a typical arcade of the 80s and 90s with aesthetic pixel art and lots of humor.

Soldier full of muscles, Mambo has to enter only on enemy lines, destroy the most dangerous military bases and leave out of combat the rival army.

You can change weapons along the levels, face dozens of enemies and finally defeat the rival Final Boss.

GENRE: Action


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