Press kit

Iction Games

Granada, Spain

Founding date: 2014

Phone: +34 654 495243


Business contact:

Social: Twitter, Facebook, youtube


Projects in progress:

  • John Mambo
  • Virtus
  • Crazy Racers
  • Viking Kingdoms


Iction Games was born with the desire to develop and produce video games and therefore quality entertainment options for a wide community of players.
We try to focus our projects on great interactive experiences where the end user will always be heard and with whom we are committed.
Indie team with a lot of desire to create, create, and create …

Presence and fairs:

  • Madrid Games Week   (Madrid)
  • Elche Juega                     (Elche – Alicante)
  • Gamepolis                       (Málaga)
  • Indiland                           (Granada)
  • Digitall                              (Valencia)
  • GamerCon                      (Jerez de la Frontera – Cádiz)
  • Granada Gaming         (Granada)

Jury international:


Lastest articles:

Infigame (Mambo, una vista a los arcades de los 80)

RetroManiacs (Ensalada de tiros a la española con <<Mambo>>)

Equilateral (Probamos Mambo: Spoiler: no es lo que parece)

ATV (CADE Playstation – Programa Emplea2)

Videojuegos y Consolas ( Reseña de la dema de John Mambo )


linea_separadoraJohn Mambo Press Kit

John Mambo Team:

Clariana, Toni Artist 2d

Gonzálvez, Juan Miguel Game Designer, Marketing and Production

Quiveu, Alex  Programmer

Francés, Andrey, Music & FX

Info John Mambo:

GENRE:            ARCADE-Shoot Em Up


PEGI:                16

PLAYERS :       1-2 Local Coop


Virtus Press Kit

Virtus Team

Mota, Carlos Lead Programmer

Gonzálvez, Juan Miguel  Game Designer, Marketing and Production

Martínez-Salanova,Nacho Programmer

Abrisqueta, Alberto Programmer

Pterodactive Animation 2d

Gómez ,Gabriel Artist 2d

Molina, Sandra Artist 2d


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