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Viking Kingdoms Poster

During the time of the viking invasions there were a number of European kingdoms that had to face their raids

You’re one of those Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian heroes who managed to face them.

Are you ready to prove that you are the King that the vassals of your kingdom need or are you just one more aspirant?


Take your weapons, put on the armor and fight for the …… VICTORY!


Genre: Tower Defense




Viking Kigdoms Demo Viking Kingdoms Demo

Virtus Madrid

You control a soldier belonging to the Guard of Shadows specialized in stealth, distraction and infighting.

Your master, after a series of tests makes you know that you’re prepared to go in search of the sacred statues, containers of power of the Gods.

You will have to face those adventurers who like you want that power and you must get them before they fall into ghoulish and dangerous hands.

Will you be able to get all statues before the Chaos turn your world in the playground of evil monsters?





GENRE: Action / Adventure



Virtus Demoph_2 Virtus Demo

Crazy Racers Poster

Newland City is cover page to all the newspapers thanks to the fame it has gained by illegal races that take place in different parts of its periphery.

You’re one of the runners who has decided to participate in them; You need the money and prove that you’re the fastest behind the wheel.

But this isn’t going to be as easy as you think. Each track has an owner and they’re going to sell it expensive that you take away the position to them.

Improve your car, compete in the different championships and show them who is the best four-wheelers.


Genre: Driving

Platforms : PC, MAC, STEAM


crazy racers 2 Pista_Crazy_Racers


Banner John Mambo 










John Mambo is an arcade game with aesthetic pixel art and isometric view 2d
John is an allied army soldier who is only asked to act when he is the last option. As crude as brave, he never refuses to enter combat even though he hasn’t been invited.

The game is developed in different levels that take place in jungle environments, next to a river, inside cities of the enemy, etc.
The number of enemies that can find our protagonist can be counted by hundreds throughout the game and the Boss will check our expertise.
Our protagonist can pick up different weapons throughout the game, where some will be limited by a specific time.
We pretend that it is very replayable, because the idea is that the player can select the route by which to advance, and depending on these decisions, their progress can be more or less complex.
A very important element inside John Mambo is the humorous aspect that we want to give him, something that is permanently in each place of the game.



core mechanics


Solve puzzles within the level in order to continue the missions
Melee attacks against enemies
Avoid traps and surprise enemies that can kill our player.
There are  power ups along the levels that will substantially improve the power and ability of our hero.

And much more!!









Infigame (Mambo, una visita a los arcades de los 80)

RetroManiacs (Ensalada de tiros a la española con “Mambo”)

 Equilateral (Probamos Mambo: Spoiler: no es lo que parece)

  ATV (CADE Playstation – Programa Emplea2)

  Videojuegos y Consolas ( Reseña de la demo de John Mambo )











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